Health coverage for girlfriend

My long distance relationship is about to get up close and personal.  My girlfriend will be moving to Ohio to live with me.  When she leaves her job, she will lose her health insurance.  Can I add her to my plan at work, even if we are not married yet?

Leaping and Looking

Dear Leaping and Looking,

The answer is yes, but with a few big ifs. Ohio law does not require health insurers or employers to offer what is called “domestic partner” coverage. The employer can choose to offer it, and to set rules about who qualifies as a domestic partner.  You will need to check whether your employer offers it, and what the rules are.

If your employer does not cover domestic partners, then you could buy insurance for her separately.  Buying her separate insurance might be the best idea because you may end up not getting married.  (Hate to sound skeptical, but stranger things have happened.)

Linda Riddell

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