Dropped out of plan, payroll deductions didn’t stop

At the last annual renewal, I dropped my family’s dental insurance.  I noticed that the deductions did not stop right away.  They were still getting taken out on the first few paychecks after November 1.  This company is run very poorly, so it would not surprise me if they took the money even though they weren’t sending it to the dental plan.  What should I do?

Counting Pennies

Dear Counting Pennies,

You should gently inquire.  They may owe you money and they need to repay you, to avoid doing something prohibited by federal laws.  They may have been taking money from those paychecks to pay for your previous month’s family dental coverage.  If so, then the deductions may have stopped exactly when they should.  On the other hand, the payroll person may not have seen your enrollment change in time to stop the deductions.

Approaching the payroll or HR person with a neutral question will accomplish your goal.

Linda Riddell

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