Moving to another state — what happens to Medicaid plan?

My daughter is pregnant and getting Medicaid coverage for her pre-natal care.  She will be moving to Ohio to be with the baby’s father.  Does she have to live in Ohio for a certain length of time before she can get Medicaid there?  I’m worried that her pre-natal care will get interrupted, and she’ll not stick with it.

Grandma To Be

Dear Grandma To Be,

Her Medicaid coverage will not get interrupted.  She simply needs to live in Ohio, and not be a resident of another state.  Since she already has Medicaid, I assume that she is a U.S. citizen or a legal resident.

There are special rules for legal immigrants and qualified aliens.  See Ohio’s rules for more details.

A bigger challenge may be to find a doctor or pre-natal clinic willing to take her as a patient.  She can use the Ohio Medicaid’s Find A Medical Provider site to locate a doctor accepting patients.


Linda Riddell

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