Husband going to prison, what to do about health coverage

My husband will be spending 90 days in jail.  While he is there, will my insurance still cover him?  Could we get him better care than the prison system will give?  He has diabetes and depression, so I’m wondering how to keep his health stable during this time.

Wife on the Outside

Dear Wife on the Outside,

The prison will provide his health care while he does his time.  So even though your husband may still be covered by your plan, his medical care will be taken care of by the prison.

If he needed hospital care, then he would be taken to a hospital and a guard would make sure he didn’t leave.  Otherwise, he will get care and medications at the prison.

Since you will be getting nothing in return for the money you are paying for his coverage, you may be tempted to drop him from your plan.   The problem will come when he gets out and you can’t add him back.  Getting out of prison is not a “family status change”.  So you would have to wait until your plan’s next open enrollment.


Linda Riddell

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