Got turned down for health insurance — what now?

I applied for my own health insurance a little while ago, and the insurance agent told me that I was turned down.  I didn’t get any reason for this or any letter from the agent or the company.  The agent has been a little sketchy and I think has gone back to work for his family’s dry cleaning business.  How do I get an answer about why I was rejected for health insurance?

Downhill in Colorado

Dear Downhill in Colorado,

The agent should give you the letter from the insurer with the reason for the rejection, even if he is now pressing shirts.  If you cannot reach the agent, you could contact your state’s insurance regulatory bureau.  In Colorado, that is the Department of Regulatory Agencies Division of Insurance.   You can even e-mail them your question.  They will be able to help you get a copy of the rejection letter.

You will need the rejection letter, if you want to apply to CoverColorado, the state’s program for people who have been turned down for health insurance because of their health.

In any case, this is a temporary problem: insurers will not be able to reject customers in 2014.  Health reform requires insurers to offer a plan to all comers.

Linda Riddell

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