Getting help when plan refuses to pay

I’ve been fighting with my doctor’s office and my health plan over a bill that wasn’t paid.  I’m at wits end about what to do next.  I feel like the plan is stonewalling me.  Where can I go to get help?

Frustrated with Paper

Dear Frustrated with Paper,

You can go to your state’s insurance regulator. Every state’s regulator has a service to help consumers deal with health insurers. Do a web search using your state’s name; most states’ websites are the state’s name followed by “.gov”.  Once you arrive on your state’s website, use their search tool and look for words like consumer advocate or insurer complaints.

Before you go to the regulator, make sure that you read everything that the plan has sent you about your bill.  The plan may have sent you the instructions for appealing their decision — that is, having them reconsider paying your bill.  You need to follow the steps in these instructions first.  The state’s regulator will not help you until you have done all of the normal steps to get your bill paid.

Linda Riddell

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A published author and health policy analyst with 25 years’ experience, Linda Riddell's goal is to alleviate the widespread ailment of not knowing what your health plan can do for you.