Ex-husband using old health card

I found out that my ex-husband is still using his old health insurance card from when he was covered by my plan.  I dropped him when we got divorced six months ago.  I know he didn’t take the COBRA coverage.  Will I get his medical bills?  How do I protect myself against him charging stuff on my health insurance?

Single, but not carefree

Dear Single, but not carefree,

Unless your divorce settlement makes you the guarantor for his medical bills, you do not need to do anything about his using the old insurance cards. When the doctor’s office submits the bill, the insurer will notify them that he does not have insurance. The doctor’s office will then go to him for payment. You are not at risk for his medical bills, unless your divorce agreement says otherwise.

He may be just trying to postpone having to pay for his care, or he may think that if the doctor’s office takes the card, it means he doesn’t have to pay.  Either way — like the dirty underwear he used to leave on the floor —  it’s not your problem any more.

Linda Riddell

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