Uninsured and hoping to be pregnant soon

I was taking fertility drugs when I lost my job.  I’m still using my last prescription, and hope to become pregnant very soon.  Will I be able to get health insurance?  And will it cover the pregnancy?

Waiting for Positive Test

Dear Waiting for Positive Test,

You should first consider continuing your old plan from your former employer.  If your former employer does not offer COBRA or the plan is too expensive, then you will be looking at individual (or non-group) coverage.  In some states, the insurer can refuse to sell you a plan. This is true until January 1, 2014; after that, insurers cannot turn anyone away.  In the meantime, if you live in one of these states, you may get turned down by the insurer. If you live in a “guaranteed issue” state, then you will be able to buy a plan. Go to Guaranteed Issue States list.

Assuming that you can get an insurer to sell you a plan, you will be all set once it starts.  The plan will cover the pregnancy and the child, since pregnancy is not considered to be a pre-existing condition (even if you are pregnant when you join the new plan).

Linda Riddell

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