Obamacare and ADHD treatment

My son has ADHD. Will Obamacare impact his treatment?

Worried Dad

Dear Worried Dad,

Obamacare is a set of rules about health insurance. It’s possible that the “essential health benefits” that Obamacare requires plans to cover will expand what your plan pays for.It all depends upon what your plan covered in 2013, and what it needs to add in order to meet the new requirements in 2014.

That said, Obamacare won’t affect the treatment your son gets. It may affect what services your health plan pays for, however.

Ask your health plan for a summary of the 2014 plan and comparison to your 2013 plan.  This will show you where the differences are, and if any touch the services that your son is now using.  Health plans should be making this information available in October for January 1, 2014.  (If your plan renews on a different date, then you should expect updated information a month or so before you are due to enroll.)

Linda Riddell

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