Obamacare: Don’t need employer’s health plan, do need work hours

“I currently have Medicare and Veterans Medical Benefits.  I work part time but my hours have been cut from 30 to 24 because my employer does not want to run the risk of my going over 30 hours.  If I already have VA and Medicare, does the rule apply to me stating that my employer has to offer me insurance?  I would like to continue working 30+ hours to avoid having to get another part time job.” 

Linda in Delaware

Dear Linda in Delaware,

If I understand you correctly, you are asking whether your employer has to offer you a health plan if you are working more than 30 hours per week.  The answer is yes, the employer has to offer the plan to everyone working 30 or more hours per week – regardless of whether they have insurance from another source.  In your case, the employer could put you at 30 hours and you would “opt out” of their plan since you have Medicare and VA benefits.  The employer, however, cannot choose its full-time workers based upon their health insurance needs (or lack of needs).

Before approaching your employer (if you plan to), I would suggest contacting an attorney who specializes in employee benefits or employment law.

Linda Riddell

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