Medicare Part D: ratings for insurers are available

“Fire, car insurance companies have ratings on their response to paying claims from a consumer point of view. Do such surveys exist for insurance companies in the Medicare Part D carrier biz?

Paying more for a policy is OK if that company is more apt to provide an expensive drug if needed. Newly approved drugs can indeed be very expensive, not on a formulary.  So the only way to get them is to get an appeal from a doctor.”

Savvy Shopper

Dear Savvy Shopper,

You can look at insurers’ ratings at Medicare Part D Plan Comparison. The ratings, however, are not related to what kinds of drugs the plans pay for. As you point out, newly approved drugs take time to get onto the formularies.  Appealing a denial is always an option.

Many drug manufacturers offer assistance to patients who either have no drug plan or whose plan does not cover the drug. Go to the manufacturer’s website and look for the words “Patient Assistance” or “Help Affording Your Medicines” or something similar.

Linda Riddell

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