Obamacare: options for single parent in California

How do I find an affordable health plan as a single parent in California? 

Dude and Dad

Dear Dude and Dad,

If you do not have an employer plan offered to you, your first stop is  Covered California™ | Affordable Health Insurance which is your state’s health insurance “exchange”.    There, you will answer basic questions about yourself, your household and income.  Then you will get an estimate of how much subsidy (government help) will be given to you to purchase a plan.  Your income may qualify you for MediCal, California’s Medicaid program.  The website will send you to the plan options that are open to you.

Under health reform, you can spend up to 9.5% of your income on health insurance for you and your family.  This applies if your income is less than 400% of Federal Poverty.  For a family of two, 400% of Federal Poverty is $62,040 per year.  For lower income levels, the percentages that you would pay toward your health insurance are lower — down to 2% of income if you make less than 133% of Federal Poverty.  Government subsidies would pay the difference between what you can pay and the total cost of the plan.

Linda Riddell

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