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Health insurance subsidies: how to count people for income, benefit plan

I am currently working and my family health insurance is covered through my employer (large over 5000 workers).  I am considering retiring this next year.  I am eligible for Medicare but my wife is not, nor is our 13 year old adopted daughter.  My question is this:  When using the cost estimators they want to […]

Obamacare: plan cost tripled, how to maximize Medicare benefit

I have scleroderma. I’ve been on Medicare about six years now, and also have another health plan.   I kept the other health plan because Medicare would not pay for the drug I need for my scleroderma.  I take Viagra which keeps blood flowing to my extremities do I don’t lose them! My health plan was […]

Obamacare – Profit from business sale counts as income

My husband is disabled and gets $1,008 per month. We sold our business last year but we are getting our last payment of $36,000 this year. Do we have to claim this as income? I should make around $30,000 this year. Do I put income as $42,000 or $78,000? Early Retiree in Missouri Dear Early […]

Affordable Care Act: Does Social Security count as income?

“My father will be 64 February of 2014 and lives in Florida.  I was told that an individual may qualify for a healthcare subsidy based on income. My father retired at the age of 62. He receives monthly Social Security benefits that total $18,768 at the end of the year. According to what I have […]