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Easy-to-understand description of those strange words that health insurers use.

Who is watching the bills?

Whose responsibility is it to monitor accurate procedure coding for a patient’s billing and account? Can the patient reasonably be expected to audit and enforce correct coding?  Is there a source of transparent codes/procedures (along with what is covered by an individual’s policy) that consumers can access? Watchful Wonderer Dear Watchful Wonderer, The patient cannot […]

Affordable Care Act: How to find good info about options

“I am a self-employed person. How can I make the most informed decision about medical insurance policies?  Are there any no-bullshit resources I can use to educate myself?” Just The Facts Ma’am  Dear Just The Facts Ma’am, In theory, the exchanges should be showing you apples-to-apples comparisons of the various plan options. There is a […]

Emergency room cannot refuse you

Can a hospital refuse to remove a bug from my ear just because I have no health insurance? Uninsured and Bugged Dear Uninsured and Bugged, A hospital cannot turn you away from the emergency room, without first determining what is wrong with you. Under federal rules called Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA), the […]