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Obamacare: spouse on Social Security disability, hubby needs health plan

My wife is on Social Security disability. Do I claim her income for health care under Obamacare? Washington Stater Dear Washington Stater, The answer is yes, you will count your wife’s Social Security income in your household income for your health insurance subsidy application. The Affordable Care Act’s definition of modified adjusted gross income includes […]

Obamacare: stay-at-home mom’s household income

I have insurance under my job but my wife is not covered under my insurance. She does not work, she is a stay-at-home mom and receives no income. I am the only one receiving income under my household. Can my wife qualify for Obamacare on her own? Breadwinner in Georgia Dear Breadwinner in Georgia, I […]

Obamacare: married, but buying single coverage

I am 56 years old, married, and live in North Carolina.  Can I get my own health insurance or do I have to get health insurance with my husband?  Independent Wife Dear Independent Wife, Yes, you can get your health insurance separate from your husband.  There are many situations where this happens: one spouse is […]

Obamacare: Act now before open enrollment ends

I receive SS benefits due to disability in the amount of $28,800 a year. My wife does not work. Will we be eligible for a subsidy for her insurance? Dead Stick in Texas Dear Dead Stick, Yes, she will be able to get a subsidy for her health insurance as long as she does not […]

Obamacare: Canadian plan “counts” but not for long

We got married in 2012. My wife still has legal resident status in Canada which entitles her to free medical care. She just started a part time job where she does not earn a lot of money. I am making about $60,000 a year. We have many expenses and financial obligations. I cannot afford another […]

Health reform: household income for two, insurance coverage for one

My work offers health insurance only for me, not for my husband. Is it ok for my husband to get individual health insurance and put only his income? Michigan Employee Dear Michigan Employee, Your household income will include both yours and your husband’s income, because you are married. The household income and number of people […]

Health insurance subsidies: how to count people for income, benefit plan

I am currently working and my family health insurance is covered through my employer (large over 5000 workers).  I am considering retiring this next year.  I am eligible for Medicare but my wife is not, nor is our 13 year old adopted daughter.  My question is this:  When using the cost estimators they want to […]