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Obamacare: taking COBRA or an exchange plan

If I get sick and can no longer work, can I get COBRA? Queasy Dear Queasy, During your sick leave, you will generally still be considered an employee.  The length of time that you will remain an employee varies by your employer’s own policy.  Therefore, COBRA would not be offered.  Once you are terminated, then […]

Changing jobs, changing plans — what happens to benefit limits

When changing employers in the United States, do your medical insurance limits reset? Starting Over Dear Starting Over, Assuming that your new employer’s plan meets the Affordable Care Act standards, then there are no limits that would need to be re-set.  This is because health reform does not allow annual or lifetime benefit limits.  All […]

Obamacare: when you can drop your plan

What month can I drop health insurance? Going Bare Dear Going Bare,    There are lots of reasons that dropping your health plan at any time is unwise.  But to answer your question: You can go for up to three months without health insurance, and still not have to pay the penalty/ tax.  You drop […]

Five-day gap in coverage not easy to fix

Does any company offer extremely short-term catastrophic health insurance? By “extremely short-term,” I mean 5 days. That’s how long a gap I have coming up in September. A 1-month policy that can be canceled with a pro-rata refund after 5 days would also do. Quick Turnaround Dear Quick Turnaround, Health insurers do not generally sell […]

Dirigo plan ending — now what?

My daughter, age 27 and currently unemployed (because of an injury), is on Dirigo. When I first got her on, she had just finished school and started a new job that didn’t include a health insurance benefit.  What will happen to her once the Dirigo plan ends at the end of 2013?  What will her […]