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Obamacare: plan cost tripled, how to maximize Medicare benefit

I have scleroderma. I’ve been on Medicare about six years now, and also have another health plan.   I kept the other health plan because Medicare would not pay for the drug I need for my scleroderma.  I take Viagra which keeps blood flowing to my extremities do I don’t lose them! My health plan was […]

Medicare Part D: ratings for insurers are available

“Fire, car insurance companies have ratings on their response to paying claims from a consumer point of view. Do such surveys exist for insurance companies in the Medicare Part D carrier biz? Paying more for a policy is OK if that company is more apt to provide an expensive drug if needed. Newly approved drugs […]

Drug coverage changes — how to find out

“My 49-year-old son is on SSDI and Medicare. He has a chronic condition for which he takes Clozapine, and has been taking it for many years. My worry is that it will not end up in the basket of allowable medications! How can we find out?”  Crossing Fingers in Maryland Dear Crossing Fingers in Maryland, […]

Losing coverage, but need to keep taking medicines

I have been on medication (after so many failed disaster attempts of finding the right ones) for quite some time. Now my soon to be ex-husband is dropping my health insurance and I will not have any coverage for prescriptions or otherwise. I don’t qualify for state help. I’ve recently lost my job and have […]

Obamacare: when is a health plan NOT a plan?

My 30-year-old daughter’s current health insurance plan will only cover the first $2,000 of her drug costs.  She gets a monthly shot for Rheumatoid Arthritis and takes an anti-depressant.   What can she do?   Wasn’t health reform was supposed to prevent this kind of thing? Hit The Max Benefit Dear Hit The Max Benefit, She should […]

Qualifying for Medicaid – now and under Obamacare

I had to quit my job to take care of my elderly mother.  Frankly, I thought by the time that my 18 months of COBRA coverage ended, I would be back at work.  But my mother is still alive, though failing.   I don’t want to wish that my mother would die, so that I can […]

Coverage for 25-year-old child

My 25-year-old son is the ultimate boomerang.  Since he (finally!) finished college last year, he has spent more time on my couch than he has working or looking for a job.  He is still on my health insurance plan, from my employer; and he needs health insurance to cover his daily meds for seizures.  He […]